How Do You Make Mobile Games?

How do you make a mobile game in I know it sounds silly but really - there is no option for “Collision with hand” or “Swipe” it seems too focused on making a laptop game. Does anyone have any tips?

@“The Kodex” Although it doesn’t sound like they would be compatible with mobile, using your fingers does activate the “Mouse Click” and “Mouse Move” blocks. Tapping of an object with a Mouse Click block will send and output to “down” and “up”, depending on how the player taps the object. And Mouse Move tracks the players finger as it swipes across the screen or taps different locations of the screen. Also, there is a “Shake” behavior that activates when the mobile device is shaken. The only behaviors that can’t be used with mobile is the “Keyboard” behaviors.
Hope this helps answering your question! (or at least part of it)

@Superstargames is correct and there are a few games in the google play that was made in Flowlab.
I have Drive Nero and @CrimsonBlackGames has StarBlast 3 available to download.

Dive Nero:

Store Page:

StarBlast 3:

Store Page:

Epic thanks guys!

yea this is super helpful!