How do you make save files?

I was wondering how to make save files. Does anyone know how?

There IS a Save behavior but your not using a file to access it.

Technically, you can use different Save points like they do in those games with save files and load a different file, like in the modern Super Mario games, but it would require very complex behaviors and, honestly, I think it would be better to just have a “new game or continue old game” options when booting up a game.

So, like what @“JR 01” said, save files don’t exist, but the save behavior is the closest thing.

I need to know how to use the save feature. That’s what I meant.


  • Saves are used to remember a number when you play or come back to a game.
  • You can Save a number that you can use later or Read the number that’s in there.
  • If you Read before saving anything, it will output a 0.
  • You can have as many saves as you want, as long they have different names (cap sensitive).
  • You can even have several of the same saves if the are named EXACTLY the same.
  • Reading or Saving will both cause an output, so careful to not cause an endless loop.
  • Loops from a save can crash your game.

Here is a shop example I made that could help you understand Save behaviors:

K. Thanks

I figured it out. Thanks!

Alright, usually it take a little while before people figure out Saves.
@“JR 01” if you have any questions about saves.


@sketch582Admin, this post from last year.
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