How do you make something carry over onto another level

I was working on one of my older games and wanted to know if I could find a way to get a coin value onto the next level for I want to add a shop. But I wanted the coins to be added only on specific levels. Does anyone know how?

To do that you need to know how the Save Behavior works. Do you know how it works?

Not really. I’m still learning new things about the behavior and stuff.

@ManiacPumpkin Let’s say you do Once-number-save if you set that number to 1 and name the Save behavior (Let’s just say you name it Coin) Then if you go to any other level or the same one and do Once-Read (Read is an input in the save behavior) and then you put for the name Coin Then it will output as 1. You just have to make sure the name is the EXACT same as the name you saved.

Okay thanks