How do you make the camera have specific settings for different levels?

The camera has different distance settings throughout levels, without duplicating sprites.
I know I saw this on the forums earlier, but I couldn’t find it…

I made an example for it

Get Level example:

Okay, so I did everything I needed to, but now, the camera’s not completely showing my character. Is there any way I can fix this?

Whats the game size @browngr? that camera is A-160 by A-160 (or 10x10 (or aka 320x320))
Could you leave a link
I came up with a different solution that I actually liked more, but here’s the link anyway. Thanks for your help though! Your camera design is probably going to be used in my other game.

@browngr 1. I thought you were going to move on from flowlab. You inspired me to quit and do actual code, like in unity, and that has been doing really good for me. I found out it was really easy. I went on flowlab to post me leaving the website, but i didn’t expect to see you here. 2. We both are game developers and I was wondering if you wanted to do something like an E3. Both our companies announce our new games coming soon.

@“Mushroom Productions” I may not be leaving flowlab but my Company, Crossed Sword Games, would be more than happy to participate!

@“The Kodex” Ok! What i’m going to have is that we all make videos showing the new games we are making. We then combine all those videos and publish it on what ever we want. Like i’m going to livestream the video on my official Youtube for My company. I’m glad to have you for it.

How long or far away is this @“Mushroom Productions” ? When are you going to start this?

@“Mushroom Productions”, I left Flowlab, and then came back when this quarantine started, since I didn’t have the capabilities of doing meet-ups with my staff. But, I’m still doing work in professional development, and am currently developing my first full open-world game. I expect completion when I’m in college, since I’m working with a very small team.
But hey, I’m back, and have decided to make one more big game.