how do you make weapons

can someone tell me how to make guns and swords plz

For a gun you would have to create the texture, and a bullet texture that is MOVEABLE. You have to have a setup like this: keyboard (or any trigger) - animation (you could have the animation be your player pulling out a gun) - emit (bullet) with a force of whatever, also for the emitter I believe you need to check the box “match rotation” Someone correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Just wondering if there’s a way to give the bullet an animation, so when fired it does the animation immediately?
Thanks much =D

Ugh, just figured it out :b

but how do you make swords???

This thread is as old as the hills, but there are two sword examples on the examples page:

But how does one code the reloading for a gun?

Use an input trigger to add a number to the depleted total of bullets.

Picture if you can?