How do you save the game

im trying to make a game where it saves your progress but i dont know how


Using a save behaviors for each stats of the players including location.


do you mind making a example for me i never use save to save progress


It would be similar to how you save coins, but you want to do that for whatever the player can collect, unlock or change.

Flowlab Game Creator - Shop example




Those fancy blocks over in the game flow zone.
Basically how they work is when you load a number into that Save node, they save the number forever (unless you delete your browsing history). When you connect to the Read node, the save block gets the number. The name of the save determines what the name of that saved number is. If you connect to the Read, but it isn’t the same name as the number you connected to the save, it won’t get anything because it hasn’t saved.

So how can I use this to save a whole game?
If you got numbers in that game, you can just attach them to a save, and name it. However, on start, you must read the save, otherwise it won’t set the number.
So if I have a position I need to save, save the player’s position constantly. Then when I load into the game you read that save and set the player position. If you need more clarification, I will be creating an example in The Thunderdome for your use.

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can i look at the example

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hold on it’s in the making TwT

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