How does the Fullscreen behavior work?

I’m currently making a horror game and I wanted to know how exactly the full screen behavior works. I tried using it many times, but all it does is make my character stop moving for a second and nothing happens. I applied it to an object that took up the whole screen and all it did was move to the left. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on or what i’m doing wrong but I might need a bit of an explanation. Thanks.

I’m not sure why you’re having those weird events with camera shifting and logic disabling, but normally that’s not supposed to happen.
The full-screen behavior is simplistic: if anything goes into the “on” input, the game enters full-screen mode. If anything goes into the “off” input, the game will leave full-screen mode. Toggle pretty much activates or deactivates the full-screen mode based on its current stage.
This discussion should tell you a bit more.

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Ok, thank you. I though that the fullscreen only worked for the game in flowlab. I tried to see if it would make the original game on the flowlab website fill the screen, but I don’t think it does. Thanks for the info.

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Correct, Full-Screen is a behavior that allows the game (that specifically has this behavior) to go full screen. It’s really automatic with many full screen options, Indie users only has this behavior.

Yeah, I currently have indie and I’m allowed to use it, but I didn’t know that it only worked for exported games. I figured that it would automatically have a fullscreen behavior when its exported, but I guess that the full screen behavior is what adds that to it. Thanks.

I’m a little confused on how you said that.

I’m not entirely sure if or what exports work with this behavior. I do know there are options for the full screen for exports, that will be the default view for the game. The behavior itself will work in the browser, that I’m sure of.

@ManiacPumpkin - if you’re still having trouble, post a link to the game. Like JR01 said, it should definitely work in the browser.

Terribly sorry, I don’t have enough time right now to post a link, and I’m super busy, but I figured that I would say something so you know I didn’t forget about this, I’ll get back with you in the morning.

Alright I’m back. Sorry for the wait. Anyway so here’s my game.

I want it so you press a certain key and it will toggle fullscreen (letterbox) but nothing happens. Not sure if you have to be on a certain browser or not cause I’m using safari. Also the key I chose is M but that might be changed to something else.

Also I added the fullscreen block on the intro level so you don’t have to be looking everywhere in the game for it.

I just realized something that the fullscreen might work on browser, but since I’m doing all of this on ipad with keyboard it probably won’t work. Just test out my game and press “M” and let me know if it works, thanks.

@ManiacPumpkin, The FullScreen behavior is working for me.
It goes full screen when I click on the game and when I press M
(You have to press M twice because the switch).

If this is still isn’t working for you in the browser,
What computer do you have? (Windows, Mac, Chromebook, ect.)
And what browser are you using? (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, ect.)

I recommend trying Chrome if you’re not already. If you are using Chrome, then this is a problem that really needs to be fixed by Grazer.

Here’s a video with it working for me (click):

Oh, ok. I’m actually on an iPad that has a connected keyboard to it, similar to that of a mac, but that might be why its not working. Also I use safari, you didn’t mention it so I don’t know it safari can do the fullscreen feature or not. Now that I know the fullscreen works I can rest easy now, thanks.

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Hmmm, Mac uses Safari too but I bet its not the same for iPads.
That or the behavior doesn’t work on mobile devices, not too sure.