How does the output on the destroyer work?

So, I’m a little bit confused because the destroyer behavior has an “Out” output, but the destroyer description states “Destroyer blocks cause this object to be removed from the game. All behaviors in the destroyed object will stop running, and it will be removed from the level.” This seems like a paradox. How can the output be evaluated when all behaviors stop running in the object? And also, how long will behaviors in the chain directly connected to the destroyer output continue to be evaluated? By this I mean, if you have several extractors, expressions, messages, and timers and stuff all connected together, activated by the output of the destroyer, how long will those continue to run? Will it run all of the behaviors before deleting? Do timers have a significant effect on this?

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From what I know of the destroyer you are able to send something like a message from the output of it. I’m guessing it is able to do things that take a single frame, and after that, it will be deleted

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Ooohhh ok. So things like a timer would not be permitted then, but something like a chain of numbers and expressions would be permitted?


I’m guessing that’s how it works, but I’m not sure. I would need to do some testing to actually know for sure.

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Also sometimes long chains of expression/logic can take a frame so idk if something weird could happen where maybe the game would slowdown and the object might delete before the logic is all finished.

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So yeah, you busted me - having an output in the destroyer is kind of silly :slight_smile:

The outputs from the destroyer will still be evaluated, and the currently active trigger will complete, but no more triggers will activate beyond that.