How does the Pause Behavior work?

I have an object that pauses the game, but I want the music to still be on, which is in a different object. That object has “Don’t Pause This Object” selected, but the music stops. However, I have the Done output go into a different song which activates after the game is paused for a while. why does this happen?


Ok, so i had this happen to me once, but i thought @grazer got the issue resolved…
Might have to take a look at that one.

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Me and grazer went over this in discord: Timers don’t account for pause or lag. They figure out the time they need to output and they wait until then. Nothing can get in the way, not pausing, lag, or switching tabs.

The timer isn’t supposed to be paused, I’m wondering why the music stops playing

Sounds like its just the sound output in Flowlab is paused instead of basing if the behavior is in an unpaused object.