How does the repeat work with Message

I’m trying to use the Repeat function with Message to send multiples of the same message.

No matter what number the repeat function outputs to message, the Message is only sent one time.

The Reason is that I want a tallied number to be inputted somewhere else.

Is this functionality just missing from Repeat (I’ve already read the help files).

Is there probably a better way to do this without skill in Java?

Any help would be appreciated.

Try using a timer, it has a repeat function that can cause it to trigger multiple times; click on “triggers”, then “timer”, then go to the bottom box just above “repeat forever” and type in the amount of times you want it to repeat.

I just found out that the message function auto-populates the data directly over.

Still having a similar issue though. If the repeat function from the timer was setable with input from a number field, that would be useful. Manual typing doesn’t solve my problem as the number changes.