How exactly does the attacher behaviour work?

I haven’t really ever used the attacher behaviour in a game aside form testing as I’m not really sure how it works. Is it possible to change the position of the attached object relative to the thing it’s attached to? Is it possible to move the attached item at all? And if I were to make the attached item a weapon, for example, how could I make it work? If touching a enemy hurt the player, but toughing the weapon hurt the enemy, how other than by making the weapon longer than the player, would it be possible to have an attack. I guess when the weapon attacked you could wend a message to the player making it invincible. Anyways, does anyone have some examples on how to use and how the attacher behaviour works.

Thank you.

I had this pinned at the top.

The attacher is stuck centered now for some reason, and yes you can make it a weapon, I did.
You are describing a knife or sword, you could make it so that enemies only take damage during the slash animation, with a switch.

Animation play — on
Animation done — off
Always — in

Have the on off switch connect to the collision with enemy sends message to destroy it.
It will only destroy the enemy if you are doing the animation.