How Siblings Fight in My house...

How Siblings Fight In My House…

A two player SSB Sorta game, and the goal is to hit the other off

Plz leave feedback :smiley:

@XxCarbotxX I noticed that the bullets don’t actually fire, an easy way to do that is just make the bullet moveable, then the bullets will go longer distances. Pretty ok game for a first though!

Yah, I know, the bullets do fire though, just a small line though, my oncoming game, RedTroid or something will be better

Heh- looks like metriod. Hope it goes well for you

great game cant wait for more


Holy Crap, PixelPizza, Ur Awakening game is BOSS

Thxs :slight_smile:

When on steam I FO SURE gonna buy :D:D:D

:smiley: thxs man
i think will cost 5$ or 10$

Okeeeeeeeeeee, Play my new game and rate it, I wanna see how u feel, (U will need someone 2 play it with u)

My new game is also a Birthday Speicial, bcause its me Birthday :smiley:


simple but funny… i like it


ssb? but thats what im making :frowning: but ok. ssb is a really fun game to make, ive gotta admit.

Also shares the vs 3 controls, but good job with the graphics! Its simple!