How to add music to flowlab

I want to add music from YouTube into my game “Crewmate’s journey.” How to I do this?

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Do you have a paid account or free?

My account is free. why

@SlicerCraft_2.0 since you have free edition, you (sadly) can’t import custom music or sound into your game.

Although as @ManiacPumpkin said, you can’t upload custom sounds with a free account. However, I believe you can link an mp3 file from a URL. So if you can host an mp3 file somewhere, you can link it in the sound behavior.

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my friend put music in his game but he has the free edition

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My brother too and me. My parents say that we cant play other games than the ones we make for free. No money, so we will have to have a lot of limits. When I look into behavior, no music comes up, why is that, though?

Yes, you can, my brother did, he has a free account

Yeah you can, it just takes tiring amount of time to do it. You got to search websites that’ll let you upload and then see if you can get a mp3 link. But that’s mainly for custom. Existing mp3 songs are easy. When I had free I used this website

It’s basically a website filled with thousands of popular game music. Pretty much anything you can think of

Yeah but how do you put it in to the flowlab game.

Please don’t revive dead topics. It clogs up the forums and annoys people too probably.

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