How to added an embed flowlab on Gamejolt?

I’m trying to get a game I’m made during last year to Gamejolt, But the only option I’m got is to embed game but there are alot of options on Gamejolt, I’m don’t even know what to do?!
Please help me to get my game to Gamejolt?
Please help?!

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Im not indie but i think it’s in the settings, but you need to pay 100 dollars to put your game into somewhere else and not flowlab.

That’s Steam.

You don’t need to pay to get it on other things. You need indie to export and STEAM costs 100 dollars to publish to. I think apple is 15 dollars.

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Nah, Apple requires a 90 dollar yearly subscription.

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I’m mean Embed game not export, Games on an web browser

Just copy the game link and people can play it

How I can do that on Gamejolt?!

I have no idea what gamejolt is. You seem to just need a link. Just paste it in and people can play your game.

Ask Greggo or CrimsonBlackGames, they’ve exported games before.

No, GameJolt is a reputable site.

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Thanks you for helping me

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You’re welcome! You and I might even be the only Flowlab users that use or have ever used GameJolt in the past.

Nah, there are a few but not many.
I personally don’t like using Gamejolt, I mostly use itch.


I see. Thank you for the antithesis to my general misconception of an obscure concept.