How to embed onto itch or Newgrounds!

I’ve made a zip folder with detailed instructions on how to make Flowlab games playable on sites like itch and Newgrounds. You’ll need to read through the README.txt and the HowTo.txt.

You can download it here on Github:


Nice! I was just thinking I might embed a game on newgrounds a few days ago but I didn’t know how.


Im not sure if this is relevant but maybe just copy and paste the embed code into the websites coding?

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If the website supports the embed like Wix,
but no, you have to upload a zip file on sites like itch and newgrounds.

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Yeah no also i was thinking about my website lol (not powered by wix) anyway if u do insepct and you know where to put it u probs can (if ur a coder) sorry if im not being much help its just that i like to try and help :laughing:

I’m not asking for help, I’m telling on how to do this. This discussion is for feedback about my Github or if anyone is stuck on the instructions I made on how to do this.

If you need help on using the embed code for your sites too, you can ask here and we can see what to do. I just know this is what you can do for sites like itch and newgrounds.

I just got my game on newgrounds and itch because of this! my only complaint was that it was a bit difficult to figure out what i was supposed to download on Github

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Yeah, it’s a bit weird on downloading on github, that’s also why I made an arrow in the descriptions:
“Download by going to Releases →”



I don’t know what any of this means or how to do it.

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There are instructions in the folder, the “HowTo.txt” are the steps to do it and “README.txt” are guides if you’re confused on the steps.

In the how to? file it says to drag the index.html file into the index folder but, i don’t see a index folder?

There should’ve been an empty folder called index. If there is no folder, you can create a new one and call it index.

thanks i was at first looking at the normal game files and i found… something

fatcow is just a library of icons that Flowlab uses (mostly in the editor)

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thanks but it’s still funni for some reason