Can I sell my games?

You have the option to set up a pay wall in, its like as if your selling the game.
But there are huge factors that even paying your monthly Flowlab Bill will be hard to do.

  • is a free store for users to upload and download games.
  • There are a ton of games that get added everyday on the platform.
  • If you dont already have a name for yourself or have the next PS5 game on there, its unlikely that anyone will be able to see the game at all, let alone purchase it.
  • If you use, its better that advertise the game yourself and use the link to the itch game page.

ooooooooooooooooooohhhhh ok. thanks. I just wanted to know if it was possible.

I have another Question:
How do u Upload it? I thought you can only play it with the link?

you can copy the embed code and paste it into or any other place that requires embedding.

Also I recommend to start making your own posts for these questions, instead of digging up old ones and only replying once. Clogs up the forums you know?

Ah Oke :DD

Stll thx for your answer :OO

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I have instructions on how to embed games on sites like itch in another post:

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How exactly do you send the game to public

is anybody going to answer

Nevermind, the user who asked doesn’t deserve the info.


you posted 2 minutes ago, don’t expect everyone to rush to you like you’re top priority in our lives.

I flagged it, behave yourself and respect others.

you seem nice im going to stop but this kid dinodev is being mean

This is a forum and not a text chat so responses take time.
Now, what is your question and what are you trying to do?

what exactly do you mean by “send the game to public”?


I was asking that how to sell the game i made to people on public and also are you the owner.

This guy said you can send it to public for money on this platform

If you want to sell you games, you can buy a license to place the game in stores like google play.
If your looking into selling games without a license, you can make the game on platforms like


How do i buy a licence?

You have to buy a license for the store your trying to sell on.
Google play is about $25, but anything else will be a returning fee around $100s like apple or Steam.



I gave what you were asking, and you asked annoyingly why nobody was answering quickly. So, I edited the advice and flagged your mean posts. I don’t see what I did wrong here, I was flagging rude posts and answered a question… Not looking to start a fight, so ignore this message and continue with your conversation.

First you didnt tell me where to buy the licence