Can I sell my games?

I know, I’m not the most talented person on flowlab.
But if I do make a good game, can I put it on google apps or steam, then sell it for 5.50?

Also I can’t reply immediately to your responses.

you can. but you need indie or education to do it

I have indie. sorry but this sentence is for the 20 word thing.

You can export the games to any platform you like, but you need a license to sell in any of the stores like Apple, Google Play, Steam, etc. (each license is different and so are the prices.)

The only exception game sites like, which can require a paywall to play the game with no licenses needed.

ok thanks. grazer should tone the 20 characters needed down to 10.

Yeah That Would Be Great

If it requires a paywall, will I get the revenue? (sorry if I spelled that wrong)

I’m paying off any of my flowlab billing.

You have the option to set up a pay wall in, its like as if your selling the game.
But there are huge factors that even paying your monthly Flowlab Bill will be hard to do.

  • is a free store for users to upload and download games.
  • There are a ton of games that get added everyday on the platform.
  • If you dont already have a name for yourself or have the next PS5 game on there, its unlikely that anyone will be able to see the game at all, let alone purchase it.
  • If you use, its better that advertise the game yourself and use the link to the itch game page.

ooooooooooooooooooohhhhh ok. thanks. I just wanted to know if it was possible.