Inverted Extinction - A Platformer made for the 3rd 72 Hour Benbonk Game Jam!

Voting starts in 24 hours :slight_smile:

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Also noticed the embed doesn’t fit into the description of the page.

Is it possible to export your game as an HTML browser game?

Or a zip file? @JR01

How to embed onto itch or Newgrounds

@DinoDev, to fit into the HTML box on the page, you need to set the size the game will be played in the itch settings. Below Embed options, keep editing the Width and Height options until it has a nice fit.

A normal 10x10 game usually best set to 368 Width and 336 Height.

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Alright, how do I make the embed taller? Some of the screen is hidden.

Ohh, okay. Do you know what a 19x15 would be?

Nevermind, it should work now. Thanks for the help!

Try 656 Width and 496 Height

No problem

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I have it at 640x500 and that fits perfectly.

I suggest removing the scrollbar, but yeah looks good.

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removed that and fullscreen, since I don’t know how to make fullscreen fit the whole screen. Which is fine, it’s just a game jam game.

Full screen has to be done within Flowlab, but yeah

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Got it, thanks.

When you upload to itch do you have a problem with music not playing? The musics plays in the flowlab website but not in itch.

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It works for me, I dont really have problems with the sound on itch.

Try either:

  • refreshing the itch page
  • make sure the itch tab isnt muted
    (right click the tab at the top and click unmute tab)
  • make sure your game isn’t muted
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Can you hear it?

Yes, I tried it earlier

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Then it’s just me, thanks for all the help!

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