How to aim shoot anywhere for games like metroid

In my platformer, I can only shoot left & right, but not up & down

Take a look at the “gun” object in starblast

Another option could be to use the mouse to aim:

  1. Create a target object
  2. Have the target object follow the mouse
  3. Point the bullet emitter object at the target

@grazer that doesn’t really work in scrolling games

or have an attached rifle that rotates when you press a button and you can shoot the direction it’s facing

@jngthree It is possible now to offset by the scroll view amount when scrolling. Here’s an example of a mouse aim in a scrolling game:

Check out the behaviors of the “pointer” object.

I did that once but it didnt work all the way for some reason… huh

I guess its because my game doesnt use autoscroll

It should work for auto or manual scrolling now - I fixed it recently.

I for some reason like manual scrolling, it allows you to fully take advantage of viewpoints