How to Change Level online at the same time?

Hey all, I am currently working on a competitive game for my students. About a week ago I figured out how to add a team selector and I could trigger a switch to the play level with a key. I wanted to add a system that had a filter that waited until the teams were even before it moved all the players to the next level. I just can’t seem to get it working. I have a main controller in the UI layer that seems to be working for remembering which team was selected in the first level but often times other players are out of sync if they show up at all and I seem to have broken whatever function took all players to the next level together. does anyone have experience with this do I need to adjust the order for these objects or perhaps some multiplayer properties in general?

Hey @Toddt - sorry that there isn’t much documentation for the multiplayer features yet. It is still experimental and not yet 100% complete.

Anyway, if the level change happens on an object that is set to “multiplayer shared” or “multiplayer player”, then the logic should play for everyone connected, and everyone should change at once.