How to communicate numbers to specific clones?

This is an interesting case, so Ill try to explain:

Im trying to create a natural selection simulation in flowlab for a school project. I have a good idea of what I want to do for everything, but I have one problem. I basically want creatures that reproduce and pass down their genes, in a way. What this means is that it needs to transmit a few different numbers to its exact clone, thats all I want to do. I have everything else figured out but Im really stumped when it comes to transmitting certain numbers to only their clones. If anyone could help out or offer ideas, that would be awesome, thanks!

Could you send a link

When you say clones, do you mean objects created using a Spawn block, or objects created by cloning in the editor?

@grazer objects created by a spawn block, and heres the simulation so far @“JR 01”

I have done something similar here’s the link (By the way it’s the spawner doors)

@clementsond thats just angling with the emit block, unfortunately i need to transmit judt numbers, not just emit with angle :confused:

  • So you could use ‘save’ to store all the numbers
  • spawn the new entity
  • first thing the entity does is ‘read’ all those values

I just wonder what would happen if you spawn multiple ones. Not sure if they should message back that they are done reading before the next one gets spawned?

Is that how it works?

@TinkerSmith hmm, that might work. ill try that.
thanks for the idea!

@TinkerSmith wow, that actually worked! thanks a bunch!!

You’re welcome @soethan1 :slight_smile:
Glad it works for you, couldn’t test it on my phone

@soethan1 - This might be a good use for the new property extractor option: “Starting Value”. This lets you access the value that was sent into the Spawn/Emit/Attach block to generate the object.