How to connect it?

wdym? If you add a point, it makes sense to gain 1 point. If you -1 a point, it makes sense for it to go down.

I mean, I put +1, it should be +1, right? But it’s just plus +2 lol

Can you give a screenshot? I’m assuming it’s just already set at 1. So 1+1 = 2

Or you’re adding 1, and that new value is being added to something. So it’s +1, +2, +3, +4, etc.

By somehow, the +1 just works in a different way
Flowlab Game Creator - Cosmic Rift 2: Way Back Home? [Demo V2| 2.5/4 Done] you can try the object named “Sign”

+1 works fine, you’re probably sending it a message twice

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i checked, how it can be