How to connect your admob info with flowlab adblock?

@JR01 @grazer Help from anyone who’s published a game to Google Play would be greatly appreciated.

I’m finishing up testing on my game and am preparing it for Google Play only.
Currently I have test ads on but need to know what info to input in the adblock to ensure I get paid via admob.

  • What is to be done with all of the info that is pre-filled out in the ad block?
    -Is that prefilled data in the ad block only for test ads or is that same data that I use to monetize?
    *Another way to ask this is:
    -What needs to be done inside of the adblock other than unchecking the test mode box to ensure you get paid via admob? (google play only) - Does the IOS info get deleted?

A huge thank you for helping me out with the last pieces to the puzzle.
Can’t wait to share the game! It will be free of course.

I don’t think JR has done any ads in his game, so @grazer would be the best to talk to.

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I have ads in Drive Nero.

To have ads in your game, you have to make a google admob account. Then after setting up the account, you create an ad button. The ad will have an ID that will go into the admob block. I think you need to leave the unused preset ID’s in the block.

It may take several hours before ads start working, but also make sure to uncheck the test mode.

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@JR_01 Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I created the admob account and am getting used to the dashboard but to confirm, the default android app id and interstitial id (prefilled info in the flowlab ad block) get replaced with data from the ADmob account.

Thanks again for the help

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You have to replace the respective fake ID with Real ID yourself from the Admob button in your dashboard.

Then just use the respective inputs to trigger it.
Again, it may take a while before they start working, and they only work on the mobile export.

Awesome! Thanks again JR
You’ve helped me out a few times already. Have a good one!

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