How to create a boss battle

In level 5 of my game, I want to create a functioning boss battle in which the enemy will be able to move on its own and attack the player. Any tips?

What kind of boss do you want? Does it run at your character and attack when close enough? *enter other questions here

I want it to move towards the player and jump on top of them when close enough. I also want it to shoot projectiles at given intervals.

The trick is to break the battle down into small parts and them just implement each one:

  1. Use a Proximity trigger to enable the boss jumping behavior
  2. Use a Timer and en Emitter to shoot projectiles at an interval

how do you make a boss that can move around and is 3 blocks tall

You can change the sprite to be three blocks tall


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By the way, this question has been asked way too many times. Grazer should really make the button more obvious, or even better, it should always show the scaling options below (above the color bar thing)

how do you make it three blocks tall

You make it three blocks tall

Timers, timers are like the duct tape of flowlab

Duct tape is magical. The mythbusters made a boat out of it! (Wow… that felt wierd just saying it…)

idk how to make it three blocks tall

In the sprite editor, you can resize it by pressing the blue box and arrow next to the clipboard and under the minus zoom (magnifying glass)

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i just go in to the objects Behavior and use “always” connected to “number” and then “size”. What you do is put the number for what you want their size to be and connect the number to the “%” sign

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