How to create a death counter

I tried searching around everywhere but was unable to find anything to help create a death counter. I want to implement a function that tracks the amount of times the player has died and save it each time the level restarts. The aim of the game is to beat it with the least deaths possible just as a little side quest. Any help is appreciated. This is a small game project for my class at school.

ok ill have an example ready for tomorrow

@shnacc, could you leave a link to the game?

Having a save counter is pretty easy, but you need to save it before the player gets deleted/destroyed. Maybe something like this:

Heres a link to the game;
I will attempt something like that @“JR 01”

I was able to get it correctly counting, what would be the best way to reset this number when the entire game restarts after reaching the end?

That’s up to you

But I would put the reset in the Player.
Also use a Once, NEVER use an Always for music.