How to create a menu and a bigger screen

How to create a menu Interactive with differente button and text? and a bigger screen

Bigger screen

The menu with other details coming soon

can you help me to do this?

Create user interface layer objects for each of the buttons. Make the game size bigger from settings.

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do you have a tutorial video? pls

You can use the full screen behavior which can fit the game window to device being used.
Just add a toggle or a keybind to it.

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but what do we put the full screen on? the character, a block, the background?

I almost said it doesn’t matter but it does, from my little experience I would say the player and then have a key bind or something to it


ok I succeeded. now I would like to make a menu but I don’t know how

I haven’t made a menu before so no promises, but I guess do user interface stuff or make a whole level which is the menu and then buttons on it? You could always look at how other people did there games as well.