How to create an AWESOME Boss Battle?

Sure, making a normal boss battle is pretty straight forward, pause the character at a certain distance, a few messages, and then set the bad guy off on his way! But I’m looking for something VERY complicated! I’m aware that what I have in mind is a lot to ask, just by looking at the pictures below, but I really want this! HAKK3R in my visions, is going to be my greatest game!
(I have 8 objects left just for scale)
Drawing (7)
Drawing (6)
Drawing (5)
Drawing (9)
Drawing (10)

This character’s name is Trapper; AKA Toby Adams. He was fired from ViperTeck two days prior to the Terrorist attack on its H.Q. In anger, he used his studies in home security to build an arsenal of dangerous weaponry, all entirely based on bear traps. When you fight him, he is at the aid of Jeremy Gardner, (HAKK3R) which gives him seemingly mystical powers during the fight.

lemme see if I can do something like this…

Thanks! =D
I have dash finished, but that’s literally all he does, and the battle becomes too chaotic…

well, @browngr, this is what I got for your boss battle :innocent:
I added some extra stuff
you can choose what you want outta all the things
if you end up using some please credit me

Hey, thank you so much!
This is going to be SO much better than the old one!

the Snowman need to be less powerful

No, that’s what I’m going for. He had it perfect! The battle forces you to use strategy, instead of simple brute force.

Yeah, and challenging boss fights make a game more fun, and it makes it feel better and more rewarding when that boss is defeated.