How to create lift effect for a plane

trying to make a plane game

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Ship Controls bundle could help

My plan is a plane game from the side, probably shouldve specified that

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Not sure then. I have some flying vehicles in my side view games though; maybe you could check those for reference? Also, providing a link to the game would make it easier for people to help you.

When you mean side, do you mean a platformer game such as Mario?

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ive got something that sort of works now, but its not great

Try these physics on your plane object, then use the Ship Controls bundle.

ive figured it out, thanks

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I mean, you can do a little something like:
On keypress, get a number and put the output into the Y input of a motor


I think an idea to increase forward motor on declines and releasing motor on inclines could be a neat plane mechanic if anyone tries it.


You’re welcome!

this is a plane- press space to accelerate ant take-off on v2 :slight_smile:

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