How to do a mouse click drawing

what to use with a mouse click to draw?

do a when the mouse is clicked emit a block thats the collour what u want whateverr

Do a spawn instead of an emit

i was gonna suggest that but i prefer emit. Its much better to use in my opinion

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Spawning is more exact and you can do the same thing but positioning things.

I can spawn a bullet with the x 32 pixels in front of my player

then have the bullet traveling at any speed I want inside of the bullets code

(ig I only like it for image points and etc.)

eh still like emit :woman_shrugging:

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thank you guys its some big help

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No problem, anytime.

want to try the game

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Yes, I’d like to see it.

ok here Flowlab Game Creator - something amazing its still in work but here is half of it


This is what I’m currently making (don’t know where I’m going with it lol):

lol i understand its like there is a pensil in the sky

Looks good! Here is a set of my drawing games!
Paint It 1

Paint it 2

Paint it; Unlimited

Question, instead of updating your games, why did you make a new one for each update?

Well… I have no idea, that is why I just finnally made Paint it; UNLIMITED, and did not make anymore… But I have literally NO IDEA why I did that…

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