How to do double jump?

How do I do double jump and keeping it at a double jump instead of basically flying? I also want to play a different animation when done. Here’s the game:

(Yes I’m aware it’s very basic right now, leave me alone I just started)

@browngr i do not know how to do that youd have to ask @ToastMaster64 he had one in his game also off topic in the run and jump behavior bundle put the impulse to 100 (it’ll make him jump higher

Hey @browngr I’ve made a video showing you how to make a double jump, hope it helps.

If you want it to play a different animation, the link the “pass” of the filter to the animation.

Thank you so much! =)

Uhhhhhhhh I think I did it wrong… I just checked back and I can fly. /=

@browngr You connected the collision to the +, you need to connect the key to the +

Thanks! (= No more flying.