How to emit an object diagonally.

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could create a quick example of an object being emitted diagonally, I really need it for my game.


Hey Max, the emitter points in the same direction of the object it belongs to. If you rotate your object 45 degrees, the emitter will point that way as well.

How do you rotate it?

To Rotate the object in EDIT MODE just edit the coin emitter then on the right you will see a properties tab and click that, in properties mode you will see a ‘forward pop up box’ to emit the coin UP just set forward to down THEN in the coin emitter behaviors just set the emitter to match rotation

Im kind of confused. Could someone make an “example game” so I could look at the code?

Heres how:

You want to edit it

In edit mode go to properties

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Then you see a pop up box and you want that

If you want to emit it UP just set the pop up box to down

Actually, if you just want the object to go up right when it’s emitted, just have it [once] set rotation 45 or -45 and then velocity forward.

ok thanks guys!

Thats how i do it but okay