How to end fighting game match in a tie?(How to make)

How do I make code to end fighting game match in a tie?With 2 players activated and only 2 players using one keyboard.Can it be done?

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Welcome to flowlab!
First off, you make it ten times as hard to help you without a link to your game. Please provide one!

Second of all, what style of fighting game is it and what do you want to happen when you draw?

Thanks, and welcome!

This is the link to my game Flowlab Game Creator - Prizmatic's Strike Double D Back Sports SLAP BOXING

I already have 1 player or 2 player wins with alerts.I just need to know how to make them Draw with alert.
I was trying to make my own code but I could not make it work.Every time I make them Draw it ether goes to 2nd player wins or the Tie match alert.
I know how to do the Alert part.Just not the switching between tie and 2nd player win(code is in the second players sbmove2p bundle)