How to Explode after seconds

So hello guys , i made a bouncing bomb that i want to explode after 4 secs.
I found how to explode the bomb hehe but

  1. how to deal the dmg to enemys the moment the bomb explodes
  2. I will use an animation maybe that in 3 sec the bomb is ok and in 4th second the bomb is exploding , how to deal the dmg then
    and how to increase the radious of dmg , if my bomb is 16 x 16 pixels and i want to deal dmg in 40 x 40 pixels for example
    when it exploads

i cant figure out how the collision with other items for dmg will work.

Thx you in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe use a proximity, and then send a message to every object you want to damage?

Cool grazer u helped a lot !!!
can u also help me with the timer ? cause i cant put a timer in front of proximity

you can put a timer in front of proximity…

but how? ? :smiley: no input only has 2 outputs x and y and if i connect the timer after it doesnt seem
to work propertly ;/

Only connect one to it

I am new to flowlab i am impressed with the interface !
Thx you all guys btw !!

havent figured it out yet oh