how to export sprites in flowlab and put them in pixleart?

how to export sprites in flowlab and put them in pixleart?please help
I need it for my flowlab copyright free pokemon ripoff:Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 2.48.34 AM

You use the download option in the editor.
Does it have animations? Then you will get a combined sprite sheet.
Not sure if Pixleart reads those, I normally use
for those if I work online.
Or check the links here for other options:

@TinkerSmith I dont know what to do after I use the option

if you download the sprite, I’d geuss you would press “upload sprite” on pixilart and choose your spritesheet form the file system. never done that before though. only taken sprites from pixilart to flowlab never the other way around.

@TinkerSmith @F3Art how do I download the sprite after I press the download option?

download > right click > save image as… > choose a folder > save

how do I save?(sorry if im starting to annoy you)


@glithctyrus Press download on image, right click the image to save as, go into pixilart, and press “open image”

I know figured it out