How to fix jerky camera movement?

What I’m looking for is a dynamic camera like I have in my game. A camera that follows the player to make the camera feel for more. But the camera feels jerky and unsmooth, does anyone know how to fix this? Game Link: Flowlab Game Creator - Dungeon or Somethintg Idk

It seems fine to me, what would you want it to look like?

When compared to a camera that is directly on the player and not surrounding it (i hope that makes sense), it’s much jerkier. Very small jerks but it’s still not very smooth. Looking at other levels like Flowlabs own camera tutorial, it looks like it’s just a Flowlab thing and not something I can change, but I’m just trying to see if there’s a way around it

could you use ease?

The Jerking would mean it would be more on the player than it is following it…
Do you want the camera to be more on the player or slow the speed that is following the player?

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Not sure I know what that means or how to do it

Slow the speed that is following so it looks more dynamic. I don’t want every little player movement to make the camera move that same amount if that makes any sense

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In the expressions that move the camera object,
try changing the .1 value to another value between .01 and .1, like .05.

Sorry for such a late response, this worked. Thank you!