how to get featured game?

I want to get my game that sweet sweet “featured game” bookmark… how do i qualify?

Well, those are from when there were only about 10 games total on the site (there are now nearly 200,000) and I hand picked a couple to display on the game listing with manual screenshots. I don’t really do that anymore - but if you have a really polished game you think should be showcased then send me a link :slight_smile:

I really think there should be a category for Flowlab top games, that you choose for being really well made games. There are some gems buried underneath tons and tons of games that are not nearly as good. I feel like people just refresh spammed their game to get it to seem like it got more plays.

well, it is definitely the case that games that have been around longer have a listing advantage, since they have had longer to collect plays, and they were created when there were fewer other games in the list.

I’m totally open to suggestions for a way to make better games more discoverable that’s both fair and doesn’t involve me picking through thousands of abandoned experiments to find the gems. I thought of adding a favorite/like button that would probably suit the purpose pretty well, but I’d like to hear other people’s opinion too.

I actually started adding the “favorites” feature (you can see the games favorite count in the My Games listing, but it’s always 0 since there isn’t a like button yet)

Yes, a rep button. That would work well. I know a few games from last year that I enjoyed, good gameplay, nice graphics, promising games, finished or not. Stuff that when people get on flowlab, it catches their eye, instead of seeing unfinished projects with rough graphics that make them unsure if they want to join. I saw at one point in 2013, someone tried to make a Metroid game, and that was impressive, filled with complex code, it was the reason I joined.

hmmmm… I have had a few games over 600 veiws