How to get your character to attack?

Hey guys! I’ve encountered a problem. I would like to have my character attack but I don’t know how to do that. Can I get some help please?

Hello Shard1. To make your character to attack it’s very simple! Just copy the behaviours of this example game (just make for you):

Good Guy:

Bad Guy:


Copy behaviours of Bad Guy, Attack And Good Guy.
Movable, Enable Collisions etc. turn on in all Characters (Good, Bad and Attack).

I Hope To This Help You!

Thank you Afro Pixel! This way I can make my games so much better! :smiley:

You’re welcome. Always help! :wink:

it just killed the thing i wanted to attack the other with


@Afro Pixel, I need a little help with my game.
I was able to make the animation for my characters sword attack, and it works and all, but for some reason my enemies also die when I make contack with them period, wether I’m attacking or not. Can you help me find out how to make my character lose health when the enemy makes contact with me and to make my enemies die ONLY when I attack them?

This should help with your problem, not too simple but simple enough to understand.
Just copy the behaviors.

Thanks A lot! I really appreciate this!

pls can you show us the link doesn’t work ):

hey afro pixel, how do I add an animation to the attack?

simply open the sprite editor, click the animation button, create a new animation, do stuff in the animation, when have it so that when the character emits a bullet, or hits with a sword, play the animation, and probably dont have it on loop

It does not work

@asyassa have you tried the sword examples?

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PS: Do you need help with the attack or the animation?