How to have more than 50 sprites on free edition

so i’m making an undertale game and i ran out of sprites on the flowey fight and my textbox’s broke. How would i get more sprites


That last part of too much code is not true at all.
You can have all the code you need on the same object.
Matter of fact, JR01 made a full game with just one object.

You can save a lot of objects by using the same object for similar purposes, and just change what behaviors they should trigger based on individual properties like the Object’s name or or starting value.
You can use the extractor behavior and filters/text compares to check those properties.

But what just plainop said it’s also valid, Indie is worth it and you get access to more stuff too.
But if you need some more time before upgrading, then you can def apply some object Saving processes.
Even with Indie I like to use objects efficiently.


It’s not THAT insane either, you just have to use names and starting values (I think)

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