How to make a 3D Flowlab game

to make a 3d flowlab game your gonna have to make the illusion with animation, sadly enough i’m pretty sure you can only make 1 type of game, a maze game. pretty much you have to make a topdown game in a none visible spot and then make it so when the player(in the top down section) touches it it it plays an 3d esc animation (like doom without any monsters or anything cool about it) so technically yes you can do it but its more for bragging rights and less for gameplay.

@lolpinkshep I tried exactly what you are describing a few months ago and got exactly this far:

It was VERY complicated and I couldn’t get it to show the monster walking through the halls (though he does get louder the closer he gets) or keep the player from running through walls. Maybe I have a breakthrough and pick it up again one day, but it was mostly for proof-of-concept.

@todorrobot yeah i didnt want to do it because i think i would many hours of my life