How To Make a Copy Of a Game

I want to copy the game i created called Taco Heist so I can make a mobile port of it once it is done. I want to know how to copy a game. Does anybody know how?

Yes, @“Orange Hawk Studios”, but you must have either an Indie, Studio, or Education account. It will say, next to open editor, “clone” and the game will be cloned.


i don’t ahve any of those account

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@GooglePOWER you joined flowlab 1 hour ago and your already raging. I don’t think that’s very fair it takes time to get good at flowlab.

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It was @Greggo :lol:

Ummmmmmmmmmm, i’m pretty sure you can duplicate a game with a free account.

no @“my_name (<_>)”, unless Grazer changed it.
The ‘duplicate’ button should be by the ‘open editor’ button when playing a game

@“my_name (<_>)” Last time I checked, free accounts don’t clone games, but that was a year ago, so you could be right.

@Superstargames Thank you for the help! I am going to try to remember this!

No problem!