How to make a double jump category?

anyone who knows how to do a double jump, can you help me pls

can any body help for this?

Search for Double Jump in the Games section :wink:

P.S. coolest looking is the @PixelPizza jump WHOOP WHOOP

i tried but it doesnt work

Please read the instructions here:


ok thanks

it does not work for me

Please post a link to your game, so I can look at what’s wrong.

If you follow each step on the instructions, it will work.
The most common mistake is forgetting to change the Raycast Object Type.

As I said, you forgot to set the Object Type in the Raycast.
Set the Object Type to “ground” instead of “Any Type”.
You also changed/didn’t copy properly from the Example, please delete and copy+paste again.

You also have 2 bundles of “Run & Jump”, so to add the Double Jump mechanic, you need to delete the previous jump logic. :smiley:

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