How to make a grappling hook?

So i have the core part of the grappling hook done, the only thing i need is to make the character completely stop in place and not be able to move at all, similar to games like haiku the robot, and celeste classic 2.

here’s my old example, i could easily make it better now but it’s old and i’m lazy

e to shoot, space to jump towards

Thanks, but i need the character to completely stop midair until the hook hits something

this would be extremely difficult but possible
make an object that is on the hook that is invisible and has rotation on
send that rotation to the player, then use the orbit example (or your knowledge of sin and cos) to make it rotate around the hook

well it’s a bit simpler because my grapple can only shoot left and right

still would require all of the code i stated in my last comment

wait i’m stupid i can just disable all the controls and physics until the grapple hits the object

@CodeAlpaca summoning

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Yeah just have your character move towards the grapple and stop it’s movement with the Enable behavior. (You can also use switches to stop things depending on what your character can do)

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