How to make a health bar.

Why does my left mine not damage me?

I mean right?

Make sure they have the same type identity. So they are not separate objects

Like cloning grass

yep it now does

pls make a picture (of the mechasism) how to make my tank shoot

Actually its extremely simple.

Keyboard------emit (bullet)

but how do you make it comes right out of barrel

i made them
they dont fly into things
they are solid
and they dont get out barrel but out of the lower front

oooh wait its not handy if i dont putt a link down here

Hey @Harry_Nag , I just took a look at your game. On the emitter, set the object to ‘bullet’. Then on your bullet behaviors, give it some velocity to let it know how to move. Also, make sure you change your bullet to ‘movable’. Hopefully that helps.

but how to give it velocity

Velocity node

Or on the emit, add to the “force” slider

i made it working
but if you hold spacebar (the shooting button) it shoots all the bullets right after eachotter
how do i make them with a ‘reload time’ you get me?

and how do i make them damage something?

ok guys
i made a dummy and it can move BUT i made it so it gets damage from my gun too
and if i try it the dummy doesnt stop doing things, i dont get the message i killed him i just dont get anything on screen

Ok, good job getting to here. In your dummy tank behaviors, on the Bullet Collision Node, keep the Type as Bullet, but change the Object from “bullet” to “Any Object”. That should do the trick.

but than if i hit the ground it inmeadeatly that i wun