How to make a health bar.

Pls help me, im a starter. -_-

Here is an example from @grazer . If you search the forums, you’ll find lots of questions already answered for you :smile:

Thank you!

how do i place the word ‘Hit Points’ right above it?

put a label that says hit points, then move it to where ever, it does not need to be connected to anything.

yeah i did that but it was in the bar not above or underneath

Yeah, that happens a lot, try using a lable instead of a bar; they can change to numbers if imputed,

The size resets when the value changed


but i want a bar

Then keep it!

cant we just stay at same chat

much easier

how do you make the screen moves with the ( in this case ) tank??

and if you know how
can you pls make a picture
easier to understand

There is a node which is (what i recall) in the properties or components called scroll view. In the object settings, an outline should appear just outside the game area. The left/up needs the be in the negatives while right/down can be expanded with positive numbers, but it cant go under the game area.

pls pictures

Hey Harry_Nag, here’s how you add Scrolling to your game-
So go into your tank sprite, and go into the behaviors, under Components you’ll find the Scroll View Behavior as pictured here
Screenshot 2016-02-14 at 1.13.02 PM

After that, click the behavior and this will pop up
Screenshot 2016-02-14 at 1.15.30 PM

After that, you’ll be able to adjust it to how far you want the scrolling borders to be

Hope this helps!

THX ill check it and ill ask if it not works

YEEEH, it worked!