How to make a match 3 game

I am working on a match 3 game, I have all the sprites I need. I have animations, and sounds. I know how I want it to flow. My issue is creating the mechanics. I have read through the “What’s this” on each item and am starting to realize how I can make this work, but am having a little trouble with some of the mechanics. If anyone is willing to help, let me know!

Problem 1: I have the orbs spawning randomly, but they don’t fall in a grid or stack, they kinda roll on top of one another… Perhaps I need to adjust my (y)Gravity?

Problem 2: I want to be able to make combos, so I found a way for matching tiles to be destroyed, using an AND gate with (a) Proximity and (b) Collision but it only destroys the one object… sometimes two but not all three.

Problem 3: Need to find a way to make the items stop spawning when they reach the top. Tried using a switch and the proximity alert but that doesn’t seem to work… maybe collision…

Okay fixed the grid issue with a sprite…

Oh crap. A match 3?


Problem 1, it seems all your sprites are using the circle collider, when you want them to be square. Click the objects, click edit, and you should see a Shape dropdown on the left

Problem 2 looks like it could be used by raycast- but how is beyond me