How to make a random level generator

I want it so at the start it chooses a random level and takes you there.

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random and router


thanks! this helps so much!

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no problem!

i tried it but I still dont get it. can you explain it with more details?

my code isnt really working

Can you send a link?

my random code so far:

i have to go i will be back soon

Just add the Random and change the numbers like this:

Then use whatever trigger you want to activate the Random.

oh thanks this helps so much!

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You’re welcome!

How do I connect a trigger

Hey! You should probably make a new topic for this question but since I’ve never seen you here before I’m going to guess you just didn’t realize.

What do you mean by trigger? Like a switch? If so, in game or through code?

Nevermind I found my problem, I forgot to add the router

Hi, @Jsoft_Studios I forgot to tell you but after seeing this post I decided to share it on the Flowlab Discord because it seemed really weird that you had to do it this way.

I don’t know if you already know but on the latest flowlab update, Bilimbi, you can now input numbers into the Level Behavior go input.


This should make your game and life a lot easier, Check out how simple it is now!

Update Forum Discussion: New Flowlab Update: Bilimbi :tada: - Announcements - Flowlab Community