How to make a smaller hitbox?

i cant hit any enemies when thyre right on the player how do i emit the damage ? idk how to explain this lol srry

Please leave a link to the game.

You can create custom hitboxes with a few tricks.
But also you can emit the damage, many users use this technique to do accurate sword and punches.

it uses an emitter but i need it to bee accurate like idk lol its judt not good enough for me

Try making the emit damage bigger, the swing emit is just too small and… invisible.
If your not going to use swing animation, try making an invisible damage block instead.
If you do use swings, make a damage block separately.

Bigger damage:

vlcsnap-2020-06-08-23h16m58s760 (2)

And then, to make it invisible:

wait maybe i can attach the damage block to my player making it closer to the sword when ebver i press attack

if there is away to cause damage without an emitter that would work better honestly

Attached objects aren’t solid, so you cant use a collision to detect the damage object.
But it could work if you used a proximity.

Another option is using a spawn to spawn the damage in front of the player.

very interesting , that could work