How to make a splitscreen.

So does anyone here know if its possible to have to different cameras following two different object? Basically I want to make a splitscreen game. I think it would be pretty cool if its possible.

Hmmm. Ok i don’t know to awnser this precisly BUT…

I know that:

  • It’s not possible to have two different objects with different cameras (it is but it only follows one at once or it crashes)
  • Very probably there is a really hard way to make it manually… Besides I’m not sure if my idea works and I would have to test it and it would take a long time to complete to run perfectly

So the awnser is:
HARRRRRDDDDDDDD but kinda possible( i guess)

A maybe solution:
Do your game really needs a Split screen? There are multiple ways to make a multyplayer game

Split screen could be a thing but in involves neither player actually moving, and it moves the world(s) instead. But i wouldnt try it

Camera zoom should be a thing

Yeah it would be a cool feature but…


I’d never bother with a split screen platformer, but something simple like a space shooter is relatively simple enough. The player has 2 numbers that change based on movement, but the player stays still in reality. Rather than move around the map, the map spawns in chunks based on what your faux x,y numbers are. If you and the other player have close numbers, a clone spawns on their screen half.

This is the most complicated waste of time way to make split screen, but it’s a thing that exists. It’s sort of how old games and online games do multiplayer, but with the added pain of map and enemy generating, and unloading in chunks like Minecraft, while a single enemy can be killed by either player, and shares health and memory with its clone on the other screen.

Like CBG said, I wouldn’t try it.

I think that if you used a hidden minimap with 2 colored dots to represent the player. The dots would use raycasts to tell information to the 2 visibile screens with the real characters on it and it would display the tiles and other character in real time.

@edgelordkage this topic is no longer relevant, try to avoid posting on topics this old in the future. :slight_smile:

Oh ok sorry