How to Make a String

Here’s an example I made for connecting two points with a string. It’s just visual. I don’t think it’s very useful, except for some cases, but I think it’s pretty cool.



Pretty cool example! Is there any way for the line to have a collision?

you could make it solid, but this makes the game lag SO much. It won’t even play for me. I think if I add a feature that lets you change how frequent the line updates that could work…

Can’t you turn collisions on for any object?

pretty much, just go into the physics tab, you can have a non-solid collidable object.

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Fajita dash

hehehe I just built a quick test for a different topic…

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also whenever i open the example it crashes

yup, that’s because I tried setting the object to solid.

It’s back now. Even if I set the object to “enable collisions” and not “solid” it crashes lol

are you able tooo fix it?

yes, it’s fixed now, but I might try to make it able to turn to solid.

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I added a delay feature… hmm

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This is a useful example.


wow okay, now the string can have collisions just by me adding a .01 delay. Check it out! I put a moveable player inside. It’s pretty cool.

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