How to Make a Usable Shop Interface?

I wanna make a Shop interface for Riftblades 2 to buy different armors and stuff, so if anyone could help me i would be EXTREMELY Grateful. Also: An Equip Interface and A Coin Collection Counter and Magic/ Stamina Bars would also help. I am looking at Grazer, MHX Air and JNGThree to help me out. Thanks!

warning its rough. me and someone already tried to do it with me

Ok, i could try, I am Kinda good at this. The thing is, can you do it with the 50 Objects that you get with a free account? I would hope it doesn’t take more than 30 to make the shop interface. The equip interface shouldn’t take more than 10 objects, coins should only take like 4, and Magic and stamina wont take any i dont think. Anyway, I am willing to try to do it, as long as you are willing to type it!
This is RiftBlades 1, Try it and see how you think i guess.

It shows the best of my skills at the Behaviors